About Me - Eric Talerico

I am a freelance photographer who specializes in lifestyle photography, headshots, and action photography - specifically mixed martial arts and Jiu Jitsu. 

My philosophy of life and photography is pretty simple. First and foremost, I love meeting and talking with good people. If that's you then let's hang out and take some photos. I've learned that life is to short to let it pass me by - meet new people, make memories, cherish what I have and open my mind to learning as much as I can. And drink coffee!

My photography style tends to lean towards creative and dramatic captures, but is ever changing as I'm always working to expand my skills. I love old filmic looks with a little grit to the photos.

Here are a few random facts about me:

I spend most of my time hanging out with my beautiful wife and daughter. 

I have 3 chihuahuas that total less than 20 pounds combined. They are like potato chips, you just can't have one!

Aside from photography, I love coffee, biking, and jiu jitsu. (trying to cut back on the coffee though)

I commute two hours to NYC for work. 

I work in New Jersey, as well as Philadelphia, NYC, and surrounding areas. Please reach out to me through email if you have any questions or inquiries about my work. 



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